Granny Square Mitts and a Sad Discovery


Remember these? I was secretive about what I was doing with my granny squares in case I never got around to finishing them like with my other granny square projects. Not surprisingly, I finished the first mitt in late November or early December and the other one sat around for quite a while only half seamed with no edging. I finally dug them out this weekend and finished them up.


They’re pretty cute, but not really my style. I’m tempted to make myself a new pair without picots in colors that better suit me, but I’d have to either buy new yarn or use worsted weight to do that because I don’t have a lot of fingering and DK weight leftovers. They’d be a really quick project in heavy yarn so I might give it a go, but I think the teeny tiny granny squares really give these mitts a lot of character.


Anyways, the big break I took between crocheting the edgings has led me to a sad discovery. My crochet gauge is inconsistent. The edgings I worked during finals are neat and flat. The ones I worked over the weekend are loose and ruffly. I’ve always been proud of my consistent gauge in my knitting so finding out that my crochet isn’t nearly as even is a bit of a blow to my ego. I wonder if this is my project’s way of telling me that I need to crochet more?







10 responses to “Granny Square Mitts and a Sad Discovery”

  1. Oh, they are so pretty! Too bad about your crochet gauge, I have that problem too.

  2. Cute! I love the color of the yarn!

  3. If you crochet more, you definitely won’t have that problem. I have difficulty getting my gauge right when I am working fitted things. Blankets and scarves of the crochet variety are a piece of cake.

  4. Those are adorable! I can’t wait to see if you end up making another pair in another color I also have that crochet tension problem. If it’s left alone for longer than 3 weeks, it’s totally different!

  5. Beautiful mitts! It’s too bad about your gauge, but I bet you can fix it with practice, like you said.

  6. What a cute idea. Granny squares are quickly becoming very versatile in my book.

  7. Aw – my crochet gauge is inconsistent too. I have learned to work with it over time, adjusting and paying closer attention when I work. Practice does make (near) perfect.

    I like the squares!

  8. gorgeous crochet gloves i want them !!!

  9. Jacki

    These are darling! Found your website this morning and I’ve been procrastinating work b/c you have such lovely skills. Variegated yarn is my favorite and crochet is my game. I can’t wait to keep reading future posts.

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