Harley Quinn

School’s getting busy as the end of the semester approaches and I’m getting behind on blogging things! I haven’t shared my Halloween costume yet. I dressed as Harley Quinn from Batman.


I love that this costume had a little bit of all of my favorite crafts. I sewed the dress/tunic while I was home visiting my parents and had access to my sewing machine. It’s made out of two identical tops I found at H&M. The white cuffs and collar are crocheted. I knit the belt awhile back. I think it all came together quite nicely.



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10 responses to “Harley Quinn”

  1. I thought that’s what you might be after seeing that teaser pic. That’s quite clever to sew two shirts together. IT came out so good.

  2. It came out awesome!

  3. Awesome! Your expression in that second pictures is right. on.

  4. You look perfect!

  5. Harley Quin, I love that character! so cool that you made the outfit. How did you do the tights?

    1. Andi

      I just cut a leg off of the red tights are wore them over the black tights.

  6. Oh you look fantastic!! =D Harley Quinn is such an awesome character.

  7. You, and this costume, are made of awesome!

  8. Mari

    hey! awesome interpretation! my boyfriend and I are doing a harley/joker duo for halloween – but I’m trying my hand and making my own costume rather than spending 50 bucks on a one time outfit. Do you have the pattern for the cufflinks/collar? I love em!

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