It’s done! It’s been edited by me, tech edited, and test knit so I guess it’s time to let my pattern out into the world. It ended up being 12 pages long. I wanted to try to get it under 10 pages, but I would rather avoid “at the same time”s and “reverse shaping for left”s and take up a few extra pages on something this complicated. It’s definitely an intermediate to advanced knit. You can get the pattern on Ravelry here for $6.50 or buy it now.

You can read more about the construction in detail in my older posts, but to sum it up, Agatha is a seamless top down sweater with lace panels and cuffed set in sleeves. The body is knit first in one piece and then the sleeves are picked up and worked using short rows. It uses Cascade 220 and 4.5mm needles and comes in seven sizes ranging from 29″-53″ busts. My sweater is the 37″ bust and is modeled with two or three inches of negative ease.

What I really like talking about when I finish a pattern I’ve been blogging about is the pictures. These ones still amuse me. They look nice and fall-like with all of the colorful leaves, right? Well I took them in January in Lancaster. Those are flash frozen leaves. There were a few pictures that didn’t work out where you could see snow on the ground. I was very cold when I took these which is probably why I ended up with zero pictures where I’m smiling.


I was also reading a lot of gothic literature for class at the time and I think that spilled over into the pictures a little bit. I like the sort of lost-in-the-woods vibe I ended up with, but I’m not sure how well that will work for selling a pattern. Most pattern photos have smiley models.

Anyways, thank you for all of the supportive comments I’ve received through out this process and thank you to my test knitters and tech editor. This was a huge project for me and I really appreciated how encouraging everyone was. Thank you.

And for the record, this pattern is named after Agatha Christie.


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