The Never Ending Tube of Ribbing

Vlog 5 from Andi Satterlund on Vimeo.

Short Version:

  • I figured out how to make my videos look less scuzzy.
  • I’m about 9 inches into the body.
  • I think I might need to add some length to the body.






  1. hahha I just watched this with T and when it was over she said Andi all gone 🙁
    Good luck with the ribbing, once you get that part out of the way it will go along much quicker.

    1. Andi

      That’s so adorable!

  2. What amazing work you do! I was looking through your past posts and thinking, “What talent!” Oh, BTW, I’m a movie watching sewer and LOTR is my fave too! Crazy, huh?

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