Chain Bind Off

This was the first BO method I learned when I was new to knitting. It’s not a bad choice for beginners because it’s really easy to learn and it’s not too shabby looking. Unfortunately, the rest of my knitting skills advances and I kept using the same old BO.


I’m rather fond of the Chain BO, even if it doesn’t usually work for what I’m doing. I like the crisp line it makes at the edge and I like how the bottom of it looks like a line of stitches or a crocheted chain. I love that you can crochet right off the edge with ease.


The Chain Bind Off definitely has it’s place in knitting, but it doesn’t even begin to qualify as a stretchy BO method. It’s difficult to bind off loosely and it doesn’t stretch much even if you do. It can be quite rigid feeling when you try to stretch it. My swatch only stretched from 2 inches to 3.75 inches. That’s just not enough stretch for ribbing so I’m on a quest for a new BO method.






5 responses to “Chain Bind Off”

  1. Orli

    Have you tried Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off? ( It looks a little different but is amazing, especially for ribbing.

  2. This was the first BO I learned too and really, the only one I know. What I don’t like about this BO is that the edge it makes is sometimes smaller than the width of my knitted piece so it ends up looking weird. I find this most noticeable on patterned scarves or on ribbing. I keep thinking that I should just BO with a bigger needle, but I’m too impatient to do that.

  3. Tanya

    When I use this bind-off on ribbing I always do the bind-off in rib too – that makes it a little stretchier.

  4. Since I have just barely learned the beginnings of crochet, I’ve never tried this one.

    1. Andi

      You don’t actually crochet with this one, though you could if you wanted to. You just pass the second to last stitch you worked over the last stitch you worked. It’s great for binding off in the middle of rows.

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