I finished my last exam this morning which means it’s packing time. I’m about to tackle taking down the stuff on my bulletin board, but I thought I’d share it here  in all its glory first. It has managed to sneak into being a regular part of this blog, but I’ve never shown how gigantic it really is.


I hated it when I first moved in because it was this disgusting tan color and it is so massive. One day I decided to get some home dec. magazines and completely cover the thing in colors and textures that I like. From there I just kept layering more and more on it.

On it there are…

  • 8 cards
  • 2 doodles
  • 5 post cards
  • 3 train tickets
  • 1 set of stickers
  • 1 cross stitch fox
  • 1 chunk of teal ribbon
  • a lot of magazine cut outs
  • 2 random intarsia projects
  • 3 wads of tissue paper from a birthday present
  • 2 sad balloons – there were more but most fell down
  • 1 frog thing from Sarah’s Kinder Egg that Kevin put up there when they were visiting

I’m having a hard time deciding what to keep and what to toss. The knitting and cross stitch are definitely coming home with me, but I’m not sure about the other things.







5 responses to “DONE DONE DONE!”

  1. Personally, I would just keep the stickers, train tickets, post cards/cards/doodles and the frog thing. The balloons, magazine cut outs and tissue paper can be tossed and replaced with new ones. I’m not sure what I would do with the ribbon, I’d probably toss it out in the end.

    Good luck on packing!

  2. Oh, how I miss Kinder Eggs. My friend would bring them home for me when she was sent overseas.

  3. Congratulations on finishing exams, and good luck packing! I spent the last two weeks of May packing up my entire life and shipping it across the country, so I can definitely relate to the dilemmas of keep vs. toss.

  4. I myself would hoard everything, move across the world with it all shoved in a plastic bag or folder, and find it two years later.

    I have actually done this, I have moved to different countries a few times, and each time books and paper take up the most space!

  5. Congratulations on finishing your exams! I just finished too, it’s a great feeling, i love your bulletin board!

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