Well… It’s warm.


I finished my shawl last night. It’s nice to have to wear around my room when it’s cold at night. It’s warm and cozy. I’m just not sure if I can pull it off. But it’s warm! And it was fun to make.


I used a 5mm hook and 4 balls of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca DK. It still needs to be blocked, but I’m going to leave that until I get home. I’ll share some action shots after I get it blocked and you can decide for yourself if I look like a lamb dressed as mutton.







  1. I sometimes think about making a shawl and then I wonder if I’ll just look horribly frumpy.

  2. I really like it – very classic. I think you will totally find a way to pull it off. And now I want to watch Amelie. 🙂

  3. This is so pretty! I love the edging 🙂

  4. I think it’s really pretty! I’m impressed at how much is really does put me in mind of Georgette. (I think that was her name? The Amelie character you mentioned as your inspiration.) But I know what you mean about “pulling it off” … I’ve knitted 3 small shawls, and I gave all three away because I don’t know.

  5. It’s so pretty. I’d love to see how you style it, I’m tempted to knit a shawl, but I’m in my early thirties, and worried it will make me look old!

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