I finished my knit bunting just in time for some really dark and snowy weather. It’s hanging above my bed and it looks so cheerful!


I worked on this a bit when I was sick and when I got better it became my in lecture knitting. I can get one triangle done in a moderately interesting lecture, two done in a really boring lecture, and half of a triangle done in a really interesting lecture. It was a good project for that because it was really portable because everything was knit individually using tiny balls of yarn. Unfortunately it took me awhile to realize that I had finished. The triangles were lurking in my book bag and I kept thinking that I had one more to knit, but when I finally dug them out, they were all there and finished.


Each triangle was knit using a little less than 10m of tapestry wool and 3.75mm needles. I bought two 10m skeins of tapestry wool for each color. It’s sort of a rip off for the amount of yarn you get, but it makes projects like this more affordable. I probably could have made the triangles two or three rows taller, but I knit the first five before I decided how I was going to connect them all and I wanted to make sure I had enough yarn to do whatever needed to be done. I ended up chaining two stitches with my crochet hook using the last loop from my BO and then working a slip stitch into the corner of the next triangle. It was quick and it looks pretty nice, but I didn’t need the leftover yarn. The whole thing ended up being 45 inches long.


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