After frustratingly ripping back my Audrey in Unst because I was missing a few stitches, I didn’t really want to look at it again for a while. I started some swatches for another cardigan. I wove in some ends on things. I sorted my yarn. I did some grading math. Basically I did anything I could to avoid starting over on the cardigan without casting on a new project. When it came time to pack for England, I stared a bit at my beat up old grey cardigan and decided that I should get cracking on my Audrey in Unst so I could leave my old sweater at home without a concern. I’m on the fourth ball of yarn now (I was at the third when I frogged) and am working on the body increases. It took me a while to get past where I had to frog because it had this dull I-already-did-this feeling to it. Now that I’m past that, it’s flying along. I’ve been working on it during dull lectures and during my film section for my Lit and Film course. We watched the Godfather this week. I got a lot of knitting done.


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