New Book Bag

I realized yesterday that I only have 9 (8 now) days left before I leave so if I was going to replace my old book bag, I was going to have to do it soon. Obviously I dropped my knitting, put on a campy sci-fi movie marathon, and got sewing. For those of you that are curious, I watched the 80s Flash Gordon (on VHS of course), Earth Girls Are Easy, MIB, and Galaxy Quest.



I used two coordinating quilter’s cottons and sandwiched polar fleece in between. The fleece gives the bag a bit more strength but mostly is there to help keep the corners of my books from getting too beaten up.



I’m getting a bit better at doing this style of corner, but I still suck at it. My sewing consistently looks good from far away and should never be closely examined. Haha! I just don’t have the patience and skills to make everything perfect.



The straps on my first bag died so I tried to make these ones sturdier. I used nylon tape to do the straps and attached them with D-rings. I also used the nylon underneath the contrast fabric where I attached the D-rings. Hopefully that will hold up a bit better. I used my old book bag for 3 years and I could probably get another semester out of it before the straps completely rip. I think this new guy should hold up well for the two years of school that I have left.


I put in a pocket for pens and a pocket for my cellphone/lipstick/measuring tape/cough drops/whatever. It should be pretty handy.

Anyways, I was finishing this up and I was so proud of myself because I made this mostly from my stash. So naturally I went out and bought more fabric last night. Ahem. There should be more sewing projects in the future because I’m off to go do some more sewing!







  1. It looks great! I appreciate the sturdiness – a bag I made myself about a year ago is wearing thin, and I wished I’d given it more lining or something. Eh, such is life!

  2. I love the fabric you used. Good luck with school!

  3. Nice work and great fabric choices!

  4. What a lovely bag! I love the little inner pockets and those straps sure do look sturdy! I warn that you won’t be able to wear such cute tops as that when you arrive here – it’s chilly! Have a safe journey over x

  5. Great job on the new bag, and yay for using stash fabric (which in turn means replenishing the stash!).

  6. What an awesome book bag!! You did a great job.

  7. what a cute bag!

  8. The bag is great. I really like the fabric and the useful pockets to put things in.

    As an aside, I love Galaxy Quest. It is one of my favourite films of all time.

  9. LOVE your bag <3

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