How To Frog Color Work With Out Screaming


I’ve been working on a color work hat and I realized that I had to frog it because it was too large. I hate frogging color work because I always end up with a tangled mess or I can’t remember which piece went where so I can’t reuse my yarn bits as effectively. This time I came up with a good system to stay organized while frogging.

I labeled sticky notes which each section of color work and folded them over so they made a tear drop shaped tube. I wound the sections of yarn onto the appropriately labeled little tube as I frogged my hat so everything was organized and tangle free when I was done. I stuffed them in this little book of pockets that I originally bought to keep ball bands in so they stayed tidy in my knitting bag. It made frogging color work much more tolerable.

P.S. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I was finishing up my UK Visa application and I was avoiding my computer because of that. It’s been mailed off so cross your fingers that it gets approved and sent back quickly!







2 responses to “How To Frog Color Work With Out Screaming”

  1. Cleeeever! Fingers crossed for the application! (Are you moving to the UK?)

  2. Good thinking! I usually never frog things, because I hate seeing all that work undone. Thus I am left with half-knitten things.Also, I am going to knit Miette once I am done the cardigan I'm trying to finish this week, and buy some yarn. It's adorable! I really admire your work. Gina

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