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  • How to Make a Full-Length Sweater from a Cropped Pattern

    Cropped sweaters don’t fit easily into everyone’s wardrobes, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people choose to modify them and make them into full length sweaters. There are a few different options for doing that. One method is to take the distinctive elements of the cropped sweater and combine them with a well-fitting, […]

  • How to Knit Without Looking

    I originally learned how to knit without looking so I could knit while I read books, but it’s proven itself to be a skill that’s useful in a lot of situations. It nice to be able to maintain eye contact while talking and knitting or to watch movies in the dark. I often get asked […]

  • How to Add Notes to a PDF Pattern Pt. 2

    Now that you’ve got all of your sizes marked, you’ll probably want to add notes like modifications or reminders. I always recommend reading through a pattern before casting on, and modifications that are planned before I ever get started tend to turn out better than ones done on the fly. I’ve never regretted planning ahead, […]

  • How to Add Notes to a PDF Pattern Pt. 1

    If you’re anything like me, your printer is currently buried underneath a pile of junk, or maybe you don’t even own one! Over the years I found myself printing out patterns less and less frequently until I stopped doing it at all. The only thing I missed was being able to write notes on my […]

  • How to make a Halloween themed tin can lantern

    I wanted to share this little tutorial on how I made my bat lantern from this post. It’s nice because it’s a bit like a jack-o’-lantern, but it’s never going to rot, smell weird, and/or attract fruit flies. I’ve attached the template I made for mine, but you really can make any shape or pattern […]