Vicki’s Shrug

Yesterday I was sitting around working on a post about buttons while I was waiting for my friend Vicki to come pick me up so we could go out to lunch. When she got to my house she was wearing the shrug I had made her a year or two ago! I had never seen her wearing it before because I gave it to her at Christmas time when it was too cold and last summer was way too hot for shrugs. Apparently she wears is a lot. Yay! Anyways, I ran inside and grabbed my camera because this is much more interesting than my original post about buttons.


The pattern is Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher. I used LB Cotton Ease and knit this on 5mm and 6.5mm needles. It’s chock full of mistakes but nothing that is overly noticeable. There was this one rogue purl stitch that should have been a knit in the ribbing. It cruelly taunted me from across the table while we were eating lunch but I forced myself to ignore it. At some point in my freshman year of college I went from a meh knitter to a BAM knitter. I don’t know how that happened except maybe because I started knitting a lot more once separated from my sewing machine.


It’s nice to see my knits in action. It gives me that happy shiny feeling.

P.S. I just saw Inception. It is awesome.







  1. I think it's awesome to see your knits in action. I would love to see someone wearing something I gave them. That would probably make my day (or month)!

  2. You did a great job. Sorry lunch was ruined by that rogue stitch, though.

  3. that shrug looks so awesome!! I love the colour too.

  4. So nice to see your knits being used without planning for it! It makes you realize the person actually loves what you made for them, there is no better compliment. Glad you had your camera at hand to take photos immediately! : )

  5. Amazing shrug! I have been wanting to see Inception, glad to hear it is worth seeing!xo Lynzy

  6. Nice shrug. It makes me all squishy inside when I see people wearing things I've knit for them.

  7. It's lovely! And how satisfying to hear that something you gifted has proved to be worn so often.

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