Gah! I’m so close to being done with school, going home to kick it with my dog, and having proper summer weather. Unfortunately, two papers and three finals makes time run extra slow. I was looking at pictures from last summer to help me get through the next week or so. My friend and I like to go to the creek and visit the tadpoles and salmon fry. Sometimes we take Bean with.


Bean likes to swim around and retrieve sticks for us. She doesn’t fetch sticks that you throw. She finds sticks and brings them to you. She just keeps finding new ones and gets quite put out if you throw sticks that she already gave you.


The creek is pretty shallow, but there are a few places where my fat dog has to swim because her legs are so stubby.


When she gets bored or tired, she hangs out in the sand. This picture was taken after she dug a trench three feet long. We couldn’t figure out what the heck she was doing or looking for. We finally had to make her stop because it was time to go home.


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