Blue Cardigan

This poor fellow doesn’t have a proper name. It’s probably because of the way Ravelry is set up but I have gotten into the habit of naming my knits. I have two methods for naming them. I name them after something they look like or remind me of or I name them after the TV show I was watching when I knit them. When I knit this I watched Battlestar Galactica and Hornblower. What am I going to call my sweater from those two shows? Battlestar Indefatigable Cardigan? I think not. By the way, for those of you who think I watched these shows at the same time on purpose, it took IMDB for me to realize that Archie Kennedy and Lee Adama are played by the same guy. I might not be the most observant person ever. Anyways, that’s enough nerdiness. Onto the nameless blue cardigan!


I had been wanting a short spring cardigan to go with my summer dresses. This is what I came up with.


It actually turned out just like my sketch. That almost never happens. I usually change my mind or a detail halfway through.

blucard5 blucard4

The sweater was an amazingly quick project. It took me maybe three weeks including the time it took to work out all of the eyelet patterns and math.

blucard7 blucard8

The speed of the project is a good thing because I’m probably going to have to knit another one. I love this and have been wearing it quite a bit but I’m afraid to wear it with light colored clothing. Why, you ask? This is why:


My roommate Hunter said we should put it in a cup and tell one of his friends that it’s Powerade. That was before I rinsed it. I rinsed it five times before I gave up. It just kept bleeding dye. I had read that this yarn bled a lot but I just assumed that it would be like Cascade 220. It bleeds but then it stops. This never stopped bleeding. I knew it would bleed when I bought it and I knew it would fade slightly.


This I did not expect. See how some rows are a shade lighter than others? THE SWEATER WAS A SOLID COLOR BEFORE I WASHED IT. The stupid yarn faded unevenly! What the hell? I’m extremely annoyed about that. If I had wanted lightly variegated yarn, THAT IS WHAT I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT! Meh… So I think I’m going to reknit this out of a different yarn. I love the actual sweater and I loved working with the yarn. I just hate how the dye bled.







17 responses to “Blue Cardigan”

  1. Wow. This sweater looks like a VERY successful endeavor! I'm so impressed that you made this yourself… but I'm not surprised. What a bummer about washing it… I also really like the dress you're wearing. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. That is gorgeous! I love the eyelets.I've heard that soaking the item in a vinegar rinse, then wrapping it in plastic and microwaving it in short bursts (3-ish minutes) until it is dry should set the dye.

  3. What a bummer! Gah! It's a gorgeous sweater though.

  4. that sweater turned out amazing. bummer that the yarn bled..still looks cool though.

  5. What a gorgeous cardigan! I love the lace details! It's a shame about the yarn; maybe the color will even out in the next wash ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Beautiful! What about Lattice Wisp for the title?

  7. Oh, it's glorious! Really lovely. Bummer about the fading, though…I hate yarn disappointments.

  8. Boo that sucks dude. You should've stop rinsed it with vinegar. That's what Mom does with my MJ jeans and some other stuff I have that has unstable dye.

  9. Utterly gorgeous sweater, and a great design!! That's a shame about the yarn….and totally unfair that it would bleed unevenly!!!

  10. That is flippin' adorable! I'll be watching for the pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. nicole j bideau

    Hi I love your sweater its amazing, I wonder have you tried to soak it in salt water that usually stops the bleeding. I know you probably tried it but thats what my mother use to do when she died our sheep wool have a good day ttfn Nicole

  12. Alex

    Do you have the pattern written down for it? If so, would you share? (;

    1. If you click the patterns tab at the top, you can find it there.

  13. Enright

    ERRATA- Row 34 — for bust size 34 has 221 NOT 215

    1. Hi Enright. It sounds like you have an error in your knitting. The stitch count is correct in the pattern. On Row 32 the pattern switches from working 8 increases in a row to working 6, but if you continued to work 8, you would end up with 221 stitches after Row 34 like you did. If you rip back to Row 32, you should be able to get back on track.

  14. Lisa Daniels

    This is gorgeous and I have some beautiful merino wool for it, but I need help! For size 38–I have 61 stitches at the end of the second row, but somewhere after the first “sm” on the fourth row things are not right. Can you please help?

    1. I’m sorry. It’s hard to guess where you’re having problems over the internet. You may need to take it to your LYS or knitting group to get some help in person.

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