I finally got some knitting finished! I bought this yarn when I was home for Christmas to make a cowl. Last year we had a ridiculous winter and I was preparing myself for the worst. Oddly, it’s been rather nice. I knit myself a cowl anyways. It’s still handy when it’s windy out. It’s just not a necessity like last year.


I played around with stitches on this. Originally I wanted the stitch pattern to make a > shape but I couldn’t get the slanting stitches to look similar enough for my taste. I knit this using 8 mm needles and Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande. The color matches the lining of my coat. I had knit myself a cowl out of this stuff last year and I love that one too but it’s dark green so it looks a bit Christmas-y with my red coat.


I adore my cowls. I’m kind of amused by the things they get called at the moment by the fashion industry. Infinity scarves? What? I love how convenient cowls are. I can just shove them in my pocket with my hat so I don’t lose them and they don’t have long tails to get caught in bushes (I don’t know why that always happens to me but it does). I’m also quite keen on how they drape around my neck and protect my chest from cold and rain where my coat doesn’t. Anyways, this bad boy hangs amazingly around my neck because of the ribbing in the middle. I’m very much pleased with it.


I’m thinking about making the pattern available because I pretty much have the whole thing written already on the post-it notes on my wall. I even drew charts. I’d just have to type everything up and take some better pictures.

ETA: The pattern is available now and has been renamed “Zoz”.







  1. What a pretty pattern on the cowl… and you look really good with glasses! Cute pics. 😀

  2. That is great! I really do love how it drapes. Just one question – do cowls mess up your hair when you put them on?? I guess you could make one with buttons… hmmm.

  3. I've never had them mess up my hair. I can stretch mine far enough that I can pull it over my head carefully if I did something nice with my hair. Normally I just pull it over my head with out stretching it and run my hands through my hair to fix any fly aways. I have really straight smooth hair, though. I don't know if it would cause problems with more textured hair.

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