How To Make a Floral Headband


This is the last of the epic hot glue fest of 2010. I was holding out until it was slightly more season appropriate. I also was trying to decide if I was going to make this a how-to or just a FO post.


Fake flowers – 2 small and 4 large
Hot Glue and Glue Gun
One Wide Headband

You might need scissors or a wire cutter depending on how your fake flowers are constructed.


How To Make A Floral Headband:


Remove flowers from stems. You might need the wire cutters for this but my flowers all pulled off. I figured this out after I busted out the wire cutter.


It should look a bit like this.


Pull off the green bit but be sure to leave the center of the flower in. That would be the other green bit.


Smear hot glue around the center green bit to create a seal. You’re going to want to do this to all of the flowers except one large flower.


Take apart the remaining large flower so you have individual petal layers. Make sure you get all the plastic bits out.


Layer and glue a few petal layers on each side of the headband, covering the headband where it goes behind your ears.


It should look a bit like this.


Trim the flower petals and glue them around the edges of the headband so it’s smooth.


Glue the three large flowers on the top of the headband so that they extend to where the petal layers are. Your whole headband should be covered at this point.


It should look a bit like this.


Glue the smaller flowers on each side where the large flowers meet the petal layers.

rhb13 rhb14

Clean up the inevitable hot glue threads and you’re done!

Easy, right? Let’s see that again!


I used the leaves on my fake flowers instead of petals for the sides of this one. I quite like the look of it. I put a few more flowers on it because I had extras.

yhb2 yhb1

I think this would look rad with some netting on them, especially the red one. Unfortunately my craft store didn’t have any netting. Boo. I’m tempted to add some later and wear it to my cousin’s wedding but he’s getting married in Alabama (I think) in July and I think my head would get pretty sweaty and gross.

Let me know if you make yourself a headband and send me a picture of it!







5 responses to “How To Make a Floral Headband”

  1. LOVE this. You are so crafty. I'm going to copy you. Okay? Okay. 😀

  2. very pretty, i'm not so crafty so I will just buy mine, ok 😉

  3. Lovely. Also… are you able to make those wide headbands cooperate with glasses? or is that why you're not wearing glasses in these photos?

  4. Amber: I generally wear contacts so that's why I'm not wearing glasses in these photos. Wide headbands aren't the most glasses friendly things ever. Sometimes I can get them to work if I angle them back slightly but mostly I don't wear them with my glasses.

  5. hollyann


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