Fat Dog and the Rubber Chicken




I don’t really get homesick when I’m away at college but I do miss my dog like mad. She is a toy destroyer so we bought her this indestructible rubber chicken. She tries to find a place where she can get a grip on the chicken to tear it but never can. It drives her crazy. It’s pretty cute to watch her nibble away on it.






  1. Mom had to buy her a new chicken earlier this week. RIP Chicken 1.0.

  2. Awh! You have a corgie! She is such a beauty! I love how long they are and what short legs they have! My friend calls them the canoe dogs. Ahah

  3. I want a doggie soo badly! For the first time in my life ever I don't have a puppy face in my life, and there is just such a big dog-shaped void. Your doggie is such a cutie pie. I adore corgies.

  4. That is so adorable! Our dogs also rips all her toys to shreds – it's pretty much her favourite game!

  5. Your pup is too cute! Our dogs have the same problem with wanting to destroy any toy they get!

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