First Garment

This was the first garment that I ever made with yarn. It kind of shows how clueless I was at the time. It’s short sleeved, heavy, lacey and wool. There is no appropriate weather for this thing.

I made it when I was 17. I used Cascade 220 Quatro and the pattern is Short and Sweet from Stitch and Bitch: the Happy Hooker. Short digression: Before I bought this book, a guy I knew at the time called me and said, “I’m at Borders. There is a book here called the Happy Hooker and it reminded me of you.” I was thinking “What the hell?” until he explained that it was a book about crochet.


It was so big that I could add buttons to the front with no problem. It also draped weird in the back. You can’t tell in the bottom picture because of how I’m holding the camera. When I relaxed my shoulders the back hung straight down instead of fitting the shape of my body. That would have been fine if I used a yarn with more drape but unfortunately I didn’t know that at the time.

The current game plan is to rip out two rows lace repeats, rework the lace so that it looks the same in the front, and add knit ribbing in the back so that the back fits. That’s my solution for the fit issues. I’m not entirely sure what to do about the warm-and-cold-at-the-same-time thing.


My hair was so long when I was 17 that I had to tie it up out of the way to photograph the garment. Insert wistful sigh here.

Sorry about the short disappearance. Things were a bit crazy when I got back to school and then I got a bit sick. I’m currently working on a long term knitting project (that isn’t looking quite so long term. I started a week and a half ago and I’m halfway through the body) so expect more flashback, fashion and fat dog posts.







  1. This is very pretty. I dont know how you can say you were clueless, because to me, it looks fantastic, but then i know nothing about knitting.

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