Bed Jacket

This is my first FO of 2010! It was cast on and cast off in about a week. Not a bad start for the year. Sorry about the cream on cream in this photos. It was raining out and there are slim pickings inside my parents’ house for indoors shots.


My Grandma gave me some extremely soft handspun yarn for Christmas. A friend of my aunt’s spun it from her own animals’ fur. It’s an alpaca/shetland blend. It was awesome and soft but it was also thick and thin yarn. That was a bit problematic for me because all my design ideas at the time needed even stitches.


I decided to knit something that showed off the uneven look of the yarn and would best take advantage of soft warm yarn. I made a bed jacket. It will be perfect for when I got back to Washington because it’s super cozy. The deep sleeves are great because they’re like a blanket for my arms. Haha!


I thought the cherry red buttons were a nice touch with the cream. For those of you interested, I knit the sleeves/body on 8mm needles and the ribbing on 6.5mm needles. I was considering putting the pattern up for the jacket on my blog but it seems too obvious of a design to bother. I’m also not sure how I feel about the way it drapes around my breasts. The draping is fine with me for my bed jacket, but I’m not sure if I want to inflict that on other people.

I imagined it would be fun to do a shoot with my bed jacket and my jim-jams but then I reminded myself that my typical PJs consist of a Firefly t-shirt and snowflake pajama pants. I thought I’d spare you that.







  1. Really cool shrug! Thanks for checking out my blog, too. Annie.

  2. I really think this bed jacket is beautiful. Red buttons, wow! what a great touch, I would never have thought of it. Looks super cozy.

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