Tacky Holiday Sweaters

My neighbor always has a Christmas party and she has the sort of friends that go crazy over stuffed Santas and light up snowman figurines. They’re delightfully tacky. My sister and I always plan on buying tacky holiday sweaters for my neighbor’s party but we always forget. This year we remembered but we couldn’t find any sweaters… What did we find?


Tacky holiday sweatshirts. Oh yeah. Okay, so they’re kind of cute but they’re still a bit tacky!

I’m wearing: Boots: Dr. Martens – Skirt: By Me – Sweatshirt: K-mart – Wool Tights: Smartwool – Necklace: H&M
Britta is wearing: Paddock Boots: Ariat – Jeans: ? – Sweatshirt: K-mart – Hat: By Me

We wore them out to get our Christmas tree and to the party later that day. We’re so cool. =P






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