This was my first top down raglan with out using a pattern. Apparently I have trouble deciding when things are really finished because I was done with this sweater in October but I was trying to decide if I wanted to rip it out and re-knit the bottom. Below freezing weather made me decide that my cozy sweater was fine being a little imperfect.


I knit it with Cascade 220. It was hard to decide how deep to make the armpits because I wanted it to sit off my shoulder so I had to redo the yoke sooo many times.


After I finished, I thought I could only wear this with jeans or a denim skirt because it’s so slouchy and casual. I tried it on with my full skirt. It looks just fine. I think I was being too critical because, well, it isn’t perfect. It isn’t horrible, but it isn’t perfect. That’s fine by me. It just took me awhile to accept that. I kind of love it now.








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  1. I can't believe you made that. it's so… 'professional' looking. ha ha.

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