My Basic Purse


This is the third incarnation of this purse. I made a similar one as a present for a friend when I was a junior in high school. I made some changes that suit my own purse habits and made myself this version of the bag. It still had problems (like I didn’t put a zipper in it… Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t tell you) so I made a third one out of heavier fabric with a zipper. It was a neutral green and butter yellow tiny leopard print. I loved that purse so much. It was my favorite purse ever. Oddly, I have no pictures of it that I can find. At this time in my life, I was going to a lot of metal and punk shows and the purse was perfect for mosh pits. It fit nicely into my armpit so I could protect my stuff from getting too crushed and the zipper kept everything from falling out. It died a long drawn out death. First, I had sewn unfinished seams too closely to edge in some places and the outer fabric frayed in some places so that the seams came apart. The lining held just fine so I safety pinned the outer seams where they were especially bad and just ignored the problem. Next, I had (and still have) a habit of carrying around pens in my purse. That’s not a bad thing unless you also carry your purse into mosh pits… I think you can guess where this is going. I had a pen break in my purse in a pit and it bled ink all over the lining of my purse and some soaked through to the outside. Despite all of this, I kept using that purse. It finally was considered dead when my friend whipped around a corner in her car and her coffee came flying out of the cup holder onto me and my purse. My whole purse was coffee stained. I finally retired it.

Last year I took the dead purse apart and used it as a template to make my current version of the purse. The colors are a bit odd for me. I’m not really a brown person, but I saw this fabric and the lining fabric together in the craft store and fell in love.


The lining is super cute and has random crap on it like animals, plants, artsy blobs, cups and fans. I love it. Unfortunately I still carry around pens and I had a hard time finding a spot in the lining where there weren’t little pen marks. Oh well.







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  1. That is a really cute fabric. I would love to have bedding in that print. Also, I totally know what you mean about the pen marks in the purse. My purses always get nasty.

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