Cream Puff

Sorry about the lack of real updates. I’ve been feeling crappy which means that I haven’t been feeling too photogenic. That means not a lot of blogging but lots of knitting. Today I was feeling better so… On to the knits! This is a hat I made. My friend in our Uni knitting group was working with some brushed alpaca and I got really bad yarn envy. I bought myself some and knit this hat.


I’m on a bit of a cream kick. I’ve been working with lots of cream yarn and I bought some cream tights. I knit this with some Plymouth Yarn Brushed Alpaca and Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca D.K. Sooooooo damn soft.


I didn’t follow a pattern. It’s just your basic beret but I love this hat. I want eight billion more in every color imaginable.







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  1. […] soft and lovely. It’s a nice rich cream color. I actually already have a hat that matches this yarn. I used it for the ribbing and the body was a matching brushed […]

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