Spice Up Your Life!

This is one of my favorite things that I’ve made. I call it my Spice Girls dress. I was inspired by the short dresses and square necklines of the 90’s that I associate with the Spice Girls. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it as a dress, though. It is WAY too short.


These are my original FO pictures. They were for a sewing community I used to belong to. I sewed this in the summer but it took me until the following spring to photograph it. Are you noticing a pattern?

I always wear this with my red belt for some reason. I didn’t own the belt when I sewed the dress but they really were made for each other.This was my Junior year of high school, I think. I looked cute as a blond, right?


The reason why this is my favorite is because I still wear it all the time. The picture on the left with the black hair was from my 18th birthday. My friend and I were getting ready to go out. The picture on the right is from late at night on the Friday before last.

It’s getting a bit tight to wear with pants. You can see my pants’ belt buckle through the dress and it’s just lumpy and odd. I might try it with leggings. Short skirts and dresses are really growing on me so maybe I will finally wear this as intended.







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  1. wow, holy crap you made that?! your so talented! it looks so amazing. and i agree, the red belt def defines it more. and btw you can rock both the blonde and black hair 🙂

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