Beehives and Bows

Last night, while feeling rather bored, I attempted to put my hair into victory rolls and failed. I decided I wasn’t really feeling the 40’s anyways and put my hair into a toned down beehive. My hair is barely shoulder length and quite layered so it’s difficult to style it.


I can’t wait for my hair to get longer so I can style it and make a big beehive. I’m terrible at the growing out phase because I like short hair and I like long hair. I hate it when it’s in between so it’s really hard for me to not keep cutting it off.


It’s a bit messy in the back because none of my layers meet at the back of my head and I couldn’t put my hair into a proper twist.

Anyways, after fiddling with my hair and makeup, I spent last night surfing fashion blogs. I love looking at vintage/vintage inspired ones best. I find that knitting blogs encourage me to try more difficult techniques and keep up my work but fashion blogs are really what inspires me to do original knitting.

While surfing blogs, I found this photo of Anna Karina.


I was admiring her wee bow and thinking about how I could knit a chunkier version when I realized that I already had. I busted out my dapper bow and put it in my hair. I used to wear my hair in a bun all the time and knit headbands like this were always my first choice because hats look awkward over bulky buns.


The hooks in the back are quite handy because I can take it on and off without crushing my hair-do. I actually might like this piece better as a headband than a bow tie.


I’m contemplating writing up the pattern and knitting another one.






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  1. i have the same problem growing my hair out and always get angry with it and cut it short. that head band is the answer. it looks really nice on you and very on trend

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