Bow Crazy

I’m going through a serious bow phase. It was only encouraged by the discovery of Elin’s Blog. She wears bows on everything and looks so ridiculously adorable. Not only have I been knitting bows onto everything but I’ve also been just knitting bows. I sewed them onto hair clips and have been wearing them all the time.


I think they’re super cute. They don’t take too long to make and they use up the scrap yarn that I hoard.


These are just the red ones. I’ve also knit purple and blue ones. My hairdresser asked me to knit her up some to sell in her salon in the display cases but I’ve actually been thinking about setting up an etsy shop and doing custom orders for the bow. I’d rather just knit them when they’re in demand than create a stock and have them not sell. Anyways, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about. I might ask around to get an idea if they’ll sell or not.







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  1. That's really cute! You should (or amybe have already 🙂 make some out of real fluffy yarn, like angora or so, that's be great too!

  2. That's not a bad idea. I might try it with some red mohair that I have. I've never knit with angora. I secretly fear it because I keep hearing that it sticks to itself in the skein and becomes a tangled mess.

  3. Wow I LOVE them! You couldn't maybe tell me how you made them? I'm into knitting myself, but not for a very long time.

  4. Marie:Thanks! I wasn't planning on writing a pattern because I basically just eyeball the and try whatever looks right. I can give a short explanation, though. I cast on a minimum of however many stitches it will take to cover up the clip I use. Use needles that are a little smaller than the recommended gauge for your yarn. For the top bow I made it a bit bigger but if you make it too big it will flop over and not lay flat. I knit in garter stitch or 1×1 ribbing until it is almost half as long as I want the bow to be. I decrease half or 2/3 of the stitches and knit straight for as many rows as I want the "knot" in the center to be. After that I increase as many stitches as I decrease and knit the same number of rows as I knit before I decreased. I bind off and break the yarn. After that, with a new bit of yarn, I pick up and knit stitches on the back side of the center of the bow. Only pick up stitches across the narrow part of the bow. Knit that until it goes all the way around the bow, making the "knot". With a third needle pick up the stitches that you picked up and knit previously. Three needle bind off all of your stitches and your bow is done. Weave in your loose ends and use matching thread to sew you bow onto a clip. I hope that helps.

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