Vintage Pledge Project #1

After finishing my circle skirt, I was feeling very confident and enthusiastic about my sewing, so I decided to join A Stitching Odyssey’s Vintage Pledge. This year I’m going to try to sew at least two of my vintage and vintage reproduction sewing patterns. It’s a small number, but as you probably have noticed, I don’t sew too often, and it fits well with my goal to sew at least two dresses this year.


For my first vintage pledge project, I decided to go with Butterick 5748, a repro pattern from the 60s. My mom has made me this dress before, and it surprisingly fit me with no alterations. Sadly, however, it’s a bit on the snug side after all of the holidays treats I enjoyed in December, so I’m sewing one size larger for my version. I’m using some quilting cotton and thinking of this as a wearable muslin because there’s a slight chance that I need to do a more complex alteration than simply bumping up a size. I’m also going to have to change up the skirt. I started with three yards of fabric, and the pattern calls for more than four. Last weekend I cut and marked the bodice and I’m waiting until I’ve sewn up the bodice before I decide what to do with the skirt. With those pieces cut out, I have more than 2 yards of fabric which is plenty for a full gathered skirt, but I might also try to find a way to make a shorter circle skirt work.





9 responses to “Vintage Pledge Project #1”

  1. Fabulous fabric!

  2. Tammy

    That is going to be adorable, especially with all your great cropped sweaters!

  3. Love that fabric! Vintage patterns have such a classy look, and I think that fabric may just go with either your Call the Midwife sweater or your new Chuck. Good luck!

  4. You should be able to just shorten the skirt by a lot. Every time I’ve sewn a vintage pattern with a full skirt, I’ve had to shorten the hem by a least 12 inches. I think they made them extra long to accommodate a petticoat or crinoline for maximum poofiness.

  5. Yay Andi! So pleased to have you on board #vintagepledge! Love the look of your first project and do feel free to knit along too if you have any vintage knitting patterns…I know a few others are ;o)

  6. I love the look of this dress! I saw the pattern yesterday and it made me think of you. I may buy it and make it too!

  7. Katie Lynn

    I made this last year out of some really thick knit fabric. It had to travel from Michigan to Minnesota shoved in a suitcase, with no chance that I would be able to steam it. It worked out perfectly, though I had to wear both a corset and a petticoat. I think I may have gotten into a fight with the bodice and ended up drafting a new top from a dress I owned that fit perfectly, but the exact details escape me.

  8. redambition

    love the fabric and the pattern!

    Just one the skirt part of the pattern – I’ve made this before and wanted to lengthen the skirt a bit. I ended up drafting a new skirt instead, because the skirt in the pattern looks like a circle skirt, but isn’t. It was breaking my brain trying to lengthen it!

    1. That’s interesting! I haven’t looked too closely at the skirt portion of the pattern yet.

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