How to Attach Stuff to Hair Clips

Part 2: How to Attach Stuff to Hair Clips


I’m writing this to go with my pattern for a knit hair bow but it can be used to make most sewable things (like ribbons, tiny stuffed toys, cloth bows, or small knit/crocheted objects) into hair clips. I’ve noticed that a lot of hair bow patterns recommend using bobby pins to secure the bow to your hair or suggest hot gluing the bow to a barrette. I’m not too keen on either method. Bobby pins never seem to support the weight of knitting and I’ve always had bad luck hot gluing knitting. It either oozes through the stitches and ruins the project or it only glues an outer layer of fibers and peels off easily. I find that sewing the project to a clip works best. You have to have the right kind of clip to sew on. More about that further down.

A Knit Hair Bow or whatever you want to attach
Coordinating Thread
A needle narrow enough to fit through the slits on top of the clip
Conair Hair Clips for Roller Set


A bit on the hair clips I recommend:
I find these work the best. They have a strong spring and no teeth so they’ll hold without creasing your hair. They have slits on top that make them easy to attach things to. They won’t hold back large quantities of hair but they work better than bobby pins and are much more secure. They also come in 12 pack, are cheap and available at most drug stores. Win. If you can find a different kind of clip with holes or slits on top, that should work just as well.



Thread your needle but instead of tying a knot at the end, tie a knot around the front bar of the clip (1).

Line up your bow on your clip. I try to put the center bars of the clip behind the knot of the bow so that the ends of the bow can move more freely.

Sew a few stitches around the front bar (1) and through the bow. Try to make your stitches as small as possible on the right side of the clip. Be sure the make all stitches in the same place.

Discreetly sew along the bow to the center set of bars (2). You aren’t trying to attach anything here. You’re just moving your thread from the front to the middle without a long float in the back. It shouldn’t be noticeable

Sew a few stitches around one of the center bars (2) like you did for the front bar. Move to second bar (2) by carrying the thread across the back or by sewing your way over like the previous step. Make a few stitches around the bar like you did for the others.

Discreetly sew along the bow to the back of the slits (3).

There are no bars to sew around here so sew around the inside of the slit near the base of the clip (3).

Tie a secure knot and weave your thread into the knitting a little bit before cutting. Use a small crochet hook to weave in the other thread end and you’re done!


Hair clip accomplished! Wear it with pride.







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  1. SUCH a well done post Andi 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. That was such a helpful tutorial! I love the clip. It is quite adorable. You look stunning in the last picture.p.s. Be sure to check out my lovely peruvian feather earring giveaway.Rachael

  3. Thanks so much for the well-wishes!! This is such a great tutorial, very easy to follow. If only all patterns were this friendly!

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