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  • How to Find Where You’re at on an Old WIP

    How to Find Where You’re at on an Old WIP

    Picking up an old work-in-progress sometimes has its challenges if you didn’t leave detailed notes somewhere easy to find! My projects using other designers’ patterns tend to be extremely long term projects that get put on hold for months at a time, so I’ve got a lot of practice trying to work out the mysteries […]

  • Blocking Seamless Sweaters

    Blocking Seamless Sweaters

    The advice that you should block your knitting can sometimes be met with confusion when it comes to simpler stitch patterns. The internet is full of elaborate tutorials on blocking lace, because that’s a real skill, but they’ve created a misconception that blocking all knitting requires extreme stretching and pinning. Blocking, at its simplest, is […]

  • 6 Things to Know About Knitting With Linen

    The recommended yarn for the official OAL pattern Zinone is a fingering weight linen, which might not be a kind of yarn that many knitters have experience with. In the last five or six years, some amazing linen yarns have come onto the market, so it’s worth getting familiar with it. Here are six things […]

  • 3 Tips for Picking Up Stitches

    This is a post for knitters who love to be precise! Here are some of my best tips for even distribution when picking up stitches. 1. Break everything down into large basic sections to figure out how the stitches should be distributed. Divide up the area to be picked up from into logical sections. For […]

  • How to Knit Without Looking

    I originally learned how to knit without looking so I could knit while I read books, but it’s proven itself to be a skill that’s useful in a lot of situations. It nice to be able to maintain eye contact while talking and knitting or to watch movies in the dark. I often get asked […]