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  • My Finished Sunburst Cardigan

    My Finished Sunburst Cardigan

    Remember when I was sharing a cardigan from sketch to sweater? I finished it way back in April, but I was so busy working on new things for fall that it got tossed in the button-and-block pile after I bound off, and I forgot to share it here! I’ve been working hard on having plenty […]

  • Planning My New Pink Cardigan

    Planning My New Pink Cardigan

    For almost a decade, I’ve been keeping sketchbooks with potential ideas. I have far too many ideas to follow through on any single one as it pops into my brain, so I jot them down and revisit them when I have time. Some get reworked over and over until I get the combination of details […]

  • Swatches and Spreadsheets for a Sweater from Scratch

    Swatches and Spreadsheets for a Sweater from Scratch

    I worked through a bunch of swatches for my Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL project, most of which were based on the Counter-Twisted Cable from one of my Barbara Walker stitch dictionary. A failed swatch for the larger back cable gave my inspiration for the narrow cable for the fronts that bleeds into the margins of […]

  • Beginning to Plan A Sweater From Scratch

    Beginning to Plan A Sweater From Scratch

    1. Pick out your yarn. I recommend using a worsted weight yarn if you’re going to design your own sweater for the Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL You will have extra prep-work and set-backs, so a heavier yarn is best if you want to meet the deadline. To figure out roughly how much yarn you’ll need, […]

  • Swatches for Goldilocks

    Part of my goal to rush less in 2015 is to get back to sharing more of my design process. With the number of patterns I wrote last year, I didn’t have a lot of time to stop and share my progress, but I want to change that. In my sketch book I’ve got a […]