Riverine and My Design Process

April 30, 2014By Andi

Ever wonder how designs go from concepts on a moodboard to patterns in a magazine? I recently ran across my swatches for my Riverine Pullover from issue 5 of Pom Pom while reorganizing my work area, and I thought it’d be fun to share how that pattern came into being. With Pom Pom’s moodboard in … Read More


July 7, 2012By Andi

I started a new cardigan on Monday featuring variations of this cable. It’s going to have a V-neck with the cables bordering it. It doesn’t look like much right now, but I’m really looking forward to finishing this one. I’ve missed having a yellow cardigan. I spilled red wine on my favorite one last year, … Read More

Fun With Cables

March 7, 2012By Andi

One of my professors has a sweater with cables on the sleeves and I kept finding myself distracted by it when she wore it. The cable narrowed and widened and I was fixated on how it was accomplished. I’ve been drawing it all over my notebooks and in my sketch book. I came up with … Read More

Tea Time Process

September 2, 2010By Andi

I got my laptop back, completely repaired this time, and was happy to see that my Tea Time Hat was published and available for purchase on Knit Picks. As excited as I am about it, telling you that it is published and available doesn’t make for an interesting post so I thought I’d tell you … Read More


March 8, 2010By Andi

The other day Ysolda posted a picture of her sketchbook. It got me thinking about the current state of disaster that is my desk and my current method for drawing and designing my ideas. It’s a pretty bad system. I scribble my drawings in pen on whatever notebook, piece of paper, or Post-It note that … Read More