Tag: Not My FO

  • Not My FO: Vogue 8766

    Last summer, while visiting my parents, my mom helped me fit my muslin for Vogue 8766, and she decided to test out our modifications using some fabric from her stash. She started making this dress, and when I tried it on in October, it was too big like the version I had made myself. That […]

  • Not My FO: The Retreat Swap

    I just realized that I never shared what I got in the Purlygirls retreat swap! I got this lovely red hat that came tucked into a handmade pouch, and I promptly stuck it in my bag to have on hand in case I got stuck in the rain or wind and needed to keep my […]

  • Not My Fo: Single Skein of Sock Yarn Swap

    I finally remembered to take pictures of what I got in my knitting group‘s single skein of sock yarn swap! Ariel knit me a lovely Shaelyn shawlette. I’ve been wearing it quite a bit. The bright yellow color fits into my wardrobe nicely, and it’s the right weight for the changing weather.

  • Not My FO: Knee Socks!

    My aunt Lisa made me knee socks! Aren’t they gorgeous? I love layering dark, tall socks over tights when it’s really cold out, and she offered to make me a pair. They’re super cozy, and the construction is pretty clever. The cables get wider, moving up the foot to the calf, but the increases are […]