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  • FAQ: Are you sure the pattern is right?

    FAQ: Are you sure the pattern is right?

    One of the most frequent questions I get about patterns isn’t about confusing instructions or a specific request for help. The question is, “Are you sure this is right?” Often it will include some variation on, “Am I really supposed to knit this many rows? The larger sizes don’t have as many.” Or the smaller […]

  • FAQ: What are twisted stitches?

    There are two questions about twisted stitches that come up a lot from knitters who are working on Miette. What are they and why use them? Twisted stitches are exactly what they sound like. They’re stitches that have been twisted by being worked through the back loop so the legs cross instead of being open. […]

  • FAQ: Is this a good pattern for a beginner?

    “Is the pattern suitable for a beginner?” is always a tough question to answer, and the common variation, “Is this a good first sweater?” isn’t any easier. It all depends on what technical skills you possess, your pattern reading skills, and either your ability to visualize what you’re supposed to do or your willingness to […]

  • How to Make a Full-Length Sweater from a Cropped Pattern

    Cropped sweaters don’t fit easily into everyone’s wardrobes, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people choose to modify them and make them into full length sweaters. There are a few different options for doing that. One method is to take the distinctive elements of the cropped sweater and combine them with a well-fitting, […]

  • FAQ: Why use circular needles to knit a cardigan?

    I’m combining two questions into one for this edition of FAQ. On my patterns I generally specify circular needles. That has raised the questions, “Is this cardigan knit in the round?” and “Can I use straight needles instead?” The answers to both questions are both yes and no. The body of a seamless cardigan is […]