Managing Loose Ends on Waters

The seamless construction of Waters requires a lot of breaking yarn, putting things on hold, and rejoining yarns. Throw in some stripes, and there are a lot of loose ends to wrangle in a slippery-slidey linen yarn. Unlike sticky wool, linen likes to squirm around, which means it’s surprisingly easy to lose an edge stitch where there is unsecured yarn.

To help keep things in check before I weave in my ends, I always make sure to leave a tail that’s 8 in / 20 cm long, so I can catch my yarn worming out from an edge stitch before it totally escapes. For high-stress areas, like the last row that’s going to get moved on and off holders, I secure the tail to a neighboring tail using a slip knot, which will be removed before I weave in my ends.






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