The OAL Begins + Waters Resources

The Outfit Along starts today! Cast on your knitting projects and start cutting out your fabric. I’m casting on my Waters today using the long-tail cast-on method.

If you’re knitting Waters, here’s a list of previous blog posts that you might find helpful.







4 responses to “The OAL Begins + Waters Resources”

  1. Christine Griffin

    I feel like I’m having a silly moment, but we do the short rows, 8 rows, then repeat. Do we repeat the short rows as well? Or just the 8 of color striping?

    1. The instructions say to repeat the previous 8 rows, which is just rows 2-9.

  2. This is a cute top. Is the size chart finished measurements? I am a 44” bust.

    1. Yep! The measurements in all of my patterns are the item’s measurements.

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