My OAL 2018 Supplies

Every year I say that I’m going to pick out my fabric and then pick out my yarn for my Outfit Along projects. Seattle has a limited number of good fabrics stores but tons of amazing yarn stores with diverse selections. It’s just so much easier to find yarn to match a fabric than it is to match a fabric to a yarn. I previously never followed through on that intention because I’d get excited about a yarn, and then I’d struggle to find a good fabric. But not this year!

I went shopping for my fabric anticipating finding a bold print, because I adore wild prints on shorts and pants, but I didn’t love any of the prints I found. What I did find was a lovely mustard yellow linen and rayon blend. I had recently watched an episode of a period murder mystery where the killer wore wide-leg mustard yellow pants, and I was excited to see that color available in a bottom weight. I wanted some mustard yellow pants of my own, but I already had my heart set on making the shorts version of the True Bias Lander Pant and Short pattern for my OAL sewing project. I stood around debating whether or not I wanted to make wide-leg pants instead of shorts and if I’d realistically wear wide-legs pants, and then instead of making a decision, I bought 6 yds of fabric. So I’m going to make shorts for my OAL project, and later, after the OAL, I’ll make either those mustard wide-leg pants or mustard cigarette pants, which seem easier to incorporate into my wardrobe. Yes, that’s another decision I’m now struggling with.

After picking out my fabric, it was time for yarn! I went to The Tea Cozy in Ballard, which carries both Quince & Co. Sparrow and Louet Euroflax, so I knew I’d have a good selection of linen yarns to choose from. I originally had expected to do a solid colored top using the 5th Alternative Stripe for Waters with patterned shorts, but I had chosen a solid colored fabric, and when I saw Quince & Co. Sparrow in Hibiscus and Sea Salt next to each other on the shelf, I knew I had to have them. So, I’ll be knitting my second Waters without modifications. Sea Salt is my main color and Hibiscus is my contrast color, and they look amazing with the mustard yellow for my shorts. I’m really excited about my outfit plans.







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