2018 Goals

I’m not one for big resolutions, but I do like to write out rough goals for myself as a way of committing to moving in a particular direction. Here’s what I’d like to work towards in 2018.

1. Get my blogging habit back. This space dropped in priority when my life got really busy; blogs are fading in popularity as other platforms like Instagram takeover, so this blog doesn’t always feel like a good use of my work time. That said, regularly writing makes me really happy! I love having a record of things I’ve done and made with real details, and it’s nice to have my knitting advice in a place that’s convenient to link to when a question pops up in the Untangling Knots Ravelry group. I’m going to aim for at least one new post a week, to ease myself back into the routine.

2. Release at least six new sweater patterns. I’ve been taking a less-is-more approach to designing, and I feel like it’s working well. Garment patterns take more time to produce than accessories, but they’re also what I do best. Focusing in on them has slowed the volume of patterns I produce, and six is a perfectly manageable number to work towards. Any more than that will be a pleasant bonus.

3. Hit all of my target garment subcategories. I mentioned in my last blog post that I have a little list that I keep/kept in mind the last couple of years when I planning releases for a year. I want to make sure to have a classic cropped cardigan, a full-length sweater, a non-wool summer piece, and an Extra Options pattern. I’ve already got my Extra Options pattern and cropped cardigan started and a linen top planned, and I just need to dream up the full-length piece!

4. Complete one project that’s more than just a pattern. I have a few things planned that go beyond just an individual knitting pattern, and I’d like to complete at least one this year. It’s okay if it ends up being a 2019 release, but I’d like to get the actual work done within 2018. I know this sounds vague, but I’d like to include it in the list and am not ready to share what I’m working on quite yet.

5. Take a full day off more often. It’s easy to let work take over your life when you’re self-employed, and it’s even easier to do it when you’re working a part-time job on top of it. I have a tendency to go a really long time without a day where I do no work whatsoever, and it’s not good for my stress levels. I want to make more time for reading, sewing, baking, and indoor gardening, so I can really perfect my hobbit lifestyle.

Do you have any goals for 2018?



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3 responses to “2018 Goals”

  1. ElaineChicago

    At this point there are quite a few bags of yarn with patterns inside the bags too for sweaters-to-be. Two are on the needles now but I’m also a spinner (big time!!), weaver (get back on the horse thing!) and sewer (material is waiting in piles with patterns)
    So I guess I just need more time to do all this!!
    Your plans for 2018, Andi, are so impressive. I have several of your patterns and 2 of them are in the queue. I really enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to them if only once a week!

  2. Cheryl Stern

    I like it! It seems well balanced and healthy in the physical and in the mental.
    I particularly like to read the easy style that you write in…..no matter what the past has held. That was yesterday. Keep up the good work.

    How about this suggestion…..I would particularly like a sweater coat that is made on needles no larger than US 9, has a easy but interesting stitch pattern and is adaptable for petite, average or tall wearers.

    My goals are still on the drawing board, as a travel trip to your area very soon and developing a property for rental have been thrust upon me for the first quarter. After these are accomplished, who knows? There is the garden, the gym, and …….let’s see what else I can imagine.

  3. Your list is making me think I should make a list as well. Happy new year and I hope your list becomes a reality in 2018.

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