Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL 2018

Is it too soon to start talking about our next KAL? I don’t think so! This year the Selfish Sweater KAL is getting a rebrand and will be now known as the Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL. There are three big reasons for this. First, doing something nice for yourself like knitting a sweater shouldn’t be considered selfish. “Selfish” knitting is common joke that I never gave much thought to in the past, but once I considered it more and its implications, I fell out of love with it. Knitting for yourself isn’t a selfish act. Second, we used to pick a category for this KAL like cardigan or pullover, but using a construction method as a theme just makes more sense when the idea is to all be working on a similar project. And finally, I wanted to give the option of designing your own project.

You read that right. You can design your own seamless set-in sleeve sweater for this year’s KAL, and my Guide to Seamless Set-In Sleeve Sweaters will be on sale along with my other Untangling Knots patterns using this construction method. In the spirit of the KAL’s old name, this was a bit of a selfish decision. I love participating in the KALs I run, but it makes it hard to keep up with creating new designs. If I can do both at the same time, well, that’s perfect! And I’d like to invite you to design along with me if you feel up to the challenge.

If you don’t want to design your own project, you can knit any of my patterns with seamless set-in sleeves. That makes for a long list of eligible patterns, and you can see them all over on Ravelry. Everyone of my self-published Untangling Knots patterns with seamless set-in sleeves and A Guide to Seamless Set-In Sleeve Sweaters on calculating your own will be 20% off leading up to the KAL when you use the coupon code SSSKAL2018 on Ravelry. Note that there’s one more “S” than in previous years, and patterns published through other venues are not included in the sale.

The official cast-on date is December 26th, the day after Christmas, and you’ll have until February 14th, Valentine’s day, to finish your project. As always, if you finish on time and post a picture of your FO in the SSSKAL2018 FO thread on Ravelry, you’ll be entered to win prizes. Winners will be randomly selected and will get their choice of two Untangling Knots patterns or a copy of A Guide to Seamless Set-In Sleeve Sweaters, and they’ll get to choose a friend to win one pattern.

Although the KAL starts on December 26th, I recommend starting to plan your sweater now if you’re going to design your own. Pick out your yarn, knit some swatches, take your measurements, and start sketching some ideas, so you’ll be ready to cast on with everyone else. I will be sharing my own plans soon in an upcoming post.

Hop on over to the Untangling Knots group on Ravelry to discuss your KAL plans, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #SSSKAL2018 on social media.





3 responses to “Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL 2018”

  1. Debbie

    I so agree with what you say about ‘selfish sewing’. To me it feels like a slap in the face when people say it. I feel the same about ‘ bitch and stitch’ groups. They’re derogatory terms. ‘Sewing/knitting circle sounds much nicer.

  2. Christine

    Hi Andi,
    I would like to participate in the SSKAL2018, but the coupon code doesn’t seem to work to get the 20% off the Seamless Sweater Guide on Ravelry. I would like to buy this guide and also one of your other patterns. It’s not too late yet to participate, I hope. Can you help?
    Thank you and kind regards, Christine

    1. You’re welcome to join in the knit along at any time, but as specified above, the discount was only valid leading up to the KAL and has expired.

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