OAL2017 Progress

We’ve got a little over three weeks left of the Outfit Along! How are you projects going?

I recently started my first sleeve of my Anaheim cardigan. Stockinette in the round is really quick for me to knit, so I’m fairly far along with it even though I only did my i-cord edging last weekend! I took my WIP to a Canada Day party that a Canadian friend of mine was hosting, and now my project has a slight smoky smell from knitting by the fire. It smells like summer fun, although I don’t think I’ll miss it when I wash and block my cardigan.

I also got a lot done on my Kim dress over the weekend. All I have left is to sew down the bodice lining, hem the whole thing, and add some strap keepers. I used the bodice from Version 1 and the skirt from Version 2, but I altered the curve so it had a little more coverage, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. That said, I might try to crank out another dress for my outfit. When I place the yarn next to the fabric, the yellows clearly match, but from a distance, they don’t look like they go together very well. Oh well!

Tell me about your own projects! Do you think you’ll be done on time? Is there anything about Anaheim that you’d like to know more about how to do?






2 responses to “OAL2017 Progress”

  1. ElaineChicago

    Love the dress with the sweater. I think it’s great to mix pieces of patterns to get the look you want.

  2. Sandra Mailing

    Can’t wait to see them on you!

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