Adding Ties to Anaheim

If you want to turn your Anaheim into a true wrap sweater, you’ll need to add ties instead of the continuous i-cord edging. Your ties will get heavily abraded, so you want to be sure you’re using a hard-wearing yarn before choosing this modification, but here’s how I would do it. I’m using a swatch for demonstration because the yarn I chose for my Outfit Along project isn’t appropriate for this modification. One side will have a longer tail than the other to wrap across the back, so make sure to read all the way through this post before you get started!

Adding the Ties

Adding Ties to Anaheim

Knit the body of Anaheim as written, but stop before the final RS row. Break your yarn and place the body on hold.

CO 5 sts using the larger needle to create slightly heavier i-cord. Work in i-cord for roughly 30 in/76 cm. Remove the body from hold, and slip the 5 i-cord stitches to the left needle before the body. Work i-cord BO as follows: *k4, k2togtbl, sl 5 sts back to left needle; repeat from * until the body is bound off and only 5 sts remain. Work in i-cord for roughly 12 in/31 cm and bind off. The side with the longer tail will wrap across the back.

Front and Neckline Edging

Adding Ties to Anaheim

The opening front edging will look a little different than the original pattern due to not joining in the round. The picture above shows how the i-cord will be slightly farther from the vertical edge.

Leaving a long tail, join new yarn and pick up stitches around the opening of the cardigan with the larger needle and RS facing you according to the recommended distribution in the pattern. Purl to the end of the first row and CO 3. Work an i-cord CO as follows: *k2, k2togtbl, sl 3 sts back to left needle; repeat from * until the edging stitches are bound off and only 3 stitches remain. Bind off and leave a long tail. Use the long tails on either side to seam the neckline edging ends to the ties.






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