Wardrobe and Project Planning

Spring is here, which for some means spring cleaning, but for me it leads to a renewed interest in my wardrobe! I sew more in the spring and summer, and now is when I try to start planning what I’m going to make. I fully admit that I don’t always follow through, but I still feel like I get a lot out of the planning process. My original Hetty was the result of some spring wardrobe planning and was designed to fill a gap.

The biggest problem in my wardrobe right now is that a lot of my pieces are getting worn out. My favorite work-appropriate dresses are still in decent shape, but they’re in heavy rotation and won’t be in good condition for much longer at the current rate. I need a few more in the mix, and I’ve already cut out two different versions of Butterick 5748. I also could use a few more not-so-flashy cardigans. I blew out the elbows of both my Marions and both of my Hettys, and they need alternatives in addition to repairs so they’ll live a few more years. I’ve got a yellow cardigan planned and two grey ones in progress, so I feel like I’m off to a good start.

My dress and cardigan uniform feels like the best balance between my style and office-friendly when I’ve got one colorful piece, and one that’s relatively subdued. Typically that’s involved a colorful dress with a more subtle cardigan, but I’ve been working on upping the number of subtle dresses in my wardrobe. I’ve planned my projects accordingly and am sewing some less flashy dresses.

Are you working on your handmade wardrobe? What gaps do you have to fill? All this month I will be blogging about working on a handmade wardrobe and making sure it all gets worn and loved. Stay tuned!






12 responses to “Wardrobe and Project Planning”

  1. ElaineChicago

    I just really admire all your sweaters, Andi, and I have quite a few of your patterns. One thing that impresses me so much about your knitting and sewing is that you’re not afraid of colors!! You’re my kind of Peeps!!

    1. Thanks! Bright colors make me so happy.

  2. Ani

    Which one of your patterns is the grey one you’re working on Andi? I love the pattern of the lace.

    1. That one is a new design I am/was working on. I’m having trouble making a few decisions about it, so it had to get put on hold while I worked on more cooperative new designs.

      1. Alvionne

        Yes, that lace pale grey cardigan is just flawless. I hope very deeply that you choose to make it a cardigan pattern eventually!

  3. Anna

    You are looking great! Both hair and garment.

  4. Orlaigh

    I’m in love with the grey one too! It seems so interesting to knit and so feminine with all the lace.
    Hope it will be a cropped cardigan with long sleeves (please, please, please)

    I love all your designs anyway (just blocking my Zinone)

  5. Martha

    I like all the sweaters you design and make and I purchased your “Seamless Set in Sleeve Sweater Guide” (which I’ve read and haven’t yet tried); however, at 71 yrs. old I would need to make my sweaters more loose fitting and longer and make the shoulder area a couple inches closer to the neck. Would that be a problem with your designs and too many changes to accomplish?

    1. It all depends on your own skills and which pattern you want to do those mods on, so I can’t really answer that questions. Making changes to patterns that require specific stitch counts at certain points for elements to line up like Blaster will be harder to modify than, for example, Myrna. It’s all possible, but it will vary from challenging to super easy depending on the pattern and your skills.

  6. Yan

    I love your grey project ! You will look gorgeous with it 🙂

  7. Oh all those bright colors are making me happy. Well I’m filling in some wardrobe gaps (separates, PANTS, couple dresses) and I’m knitting more again. I have both a cardigan and a sweater on needles now.

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. Pants are intimidating! I don’t wear them often, so I’ve just been ignoring that skill gap. Good luck with yours!

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