Henriette Blocked and with Buttons

I had this whole mopey post about how I lost interest in finishing sweaters unless I have pattern pictures to take and blah blah blah, but it all feels really silly now, so I’m going to summarize, okay?
Right after I finished knitting my Blaster cardigan for the KAL, my coworker at my part-time job asked me, “So when are you going to wear it to work?”
I replied, “It still needs buttons.”
And she said, “Oh, are you going to put those on soon?”
I then laughed a lot and told her, “I run this Fall KAL every year, and I still haven’t put buttons on last year’s sweater, so who knows! Actually, I have five sweaters sitting around that either need buttons, or to be blocked, or to have ends woven in, so odds of it happening soon aren’t looking good.”
I spent a while pondering why I haven’t finished any of my personal knitting projects in almost an entire year, and then I sat down, quit contemplating, and started finishing my knits. My Henriette from last year’s Selfish Sweater KAL was the first to get in wearable condition because I had already woven in the ends and blocked it. I just hadn’t added the buttons or blogged about it!


From the start I had been planning on putting big, black buttons on this cardigan. I love black and baby pink together, so that was an easy choice, but I had a hard time settling on shiny, sparkly, matte, etc. When I sat down to sew on the buttons, I had two sets that I had bought specifically for this project, but my attention got pulled to a similarly-sized set of black leather buttons I bought on impulse at the Fremont Vintage Market. I had just the right number of leather buttons, so it seemed like they were meant to be.


I’ve already worn this cardigan three or four times since I added the buttons, so I feel silly about having procrastinated on it for so long. This particular shade of pink, Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s Victorian Village on the Studio Chunky base, goes with a lot of my wardrobe, and I think it works well with my new-ish blonde hair.


Expect more finished sweaters in the near future because I have a pile of them! As of today, I’ve just got one left that needs buttons still, and that’s my Blaster from the KAL.





5 responses to “Henriette Blocked and with Buttons”

  1. Amy

    More than once, I’ve consider opening a small business for finishing up other knitters projects! The blocking, weaving in the ends, etc. I actually like the finishing up part!

    1. There’s probably demand for it, although disliking finishing wasn’t really what was holding me back.

  2. You can do it! Love the pink by the way!

  3. Jean


    The sweater pattern (orange) on your web page. How can I obtain the pattern? That is perfect for my granddaughter!!

    1. I have more than one orange sweater pattern, so I’m not sure which one you mean! If you hit the shop tab, you can filter by type and should find it there.

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