Last week I went to lay out my Blaster WIP to take some progress pictures for a blog post, and I noticed something strange. Every time I fixed a twist in the right front, I’d have a new one somewhere else. I tried straightening it out a ridiculous number of times before I had to accept that I had locked in an accidental twist when I cast on my underarm stitches and joined the fronts and back.


It’s not an uncommon problem. All you have to do is not double check that your knitting is straight when you join the pieces, and you can accidentally create a fixed twist in your piece. There are only two ways to fix it. You can either carefully unravel your picked up stitches at the shoulder, untwist the piece, and graft it back onto the shoulder, or you have to rip back to where you locked in the twist and redo it without making the same mistake. The former is fussy and requires focus, so I opted to do the latter. It meant I just had a little extra knitting to do, and knitting can easily be done here and there, whereas grafting takes dedicated, focused work.


A week later, here I am! I’m a few inches past where I was when I realized I’d have to rip back. With almost a month left of the KAL, the progress I lost with my mistake wasn’t a big deal.


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