Keeping Track of Blaster’s Eyelets


The eyelet columns on Blaster are worked every four rows, so it can be a little tricky to keep track of them if you’re not experienced with reading your knitting. The easiest way to figure out if you’re on a plain RS row or a patterned RS row is to work to the eyelet column and then flip your knitting around a look at the wrong side for a moment.


Is there one purl ridge above the eyelet or three? If there’s one purl ridge, the RS row you’re working on should be a plain row. The single ridge will be sitting close to your needle and there won’t be much visible fabric above the eyelet, as you can see above. If there are three purl ridges and more fabric like the picture below, you’re on a patterned RS row and need to work a new set of eyelets. If there are five or more ridges, you’ve missed a set of eyelets and need to rip back.


Once you finish your upper back and start on your upper fronts, you might find that the eyelet columns don’t line up over the fake shoulder “seam.” That’s not a mistake, and in fact it’s just a coincidence that they line up across the shoulder for a handful of sizes. The eyelets are positioned so they’ll flow smoothly into the triangle motifs at the waist after you’re done with the armhole and waist shaping, so you don’t want to move the columns from where the pattern says they should be.





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  1. Thank you for the tip, Andi!

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