An Easy WIP for Busy Days

Oof! Between getting ready for Stranded Magazine‘s release, working on the Outfit Along pattern, and getting ready to move into a new apartment, it’s been kind of an intense month. I finished all of my work-related knitting and still had knitting time on the bus or out with friends, but what I didn’t have was time to write my next pattern that I was planning to knit. After trying to figure out how to fit that into my schedule without burning out, I finally accepted that it wasn’t going to happen, and I needed to come up with something else.


So I took a look at my old WIPs, and I got back to work on this 1940s sweater vest that I started over a year ago. I only have one front, the button bands, and the neckband left to finish, but the project got pushed away when I had more work-related knitting to do. Now it’s its turn for some attention! Working on this has been really nice because it doesn’t require much thought. I did make some mods, but because I already knit one front, all I have to do is copy it!






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  1. Giovana

    Hello Andy!
    I miss your daily posts, please re-post your knits. success

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