November Recap

I didn’t mean to go all November with only one blog post, but it turned out to be a very busy month!


Mid-month was Knit Fit, a local knitting event, where I taught a couple of classes including Sweater Prep! We talked about swatching, ease, choosing a size, and everything you need to do to prepare to be prepared to dive into a sweater, and then we knit tiny raglan sweaters with lace panels down the back to practice. I’m thinking of breaking down some of the material I prepared and turning it into a blog series.


In the market I picked up a skein of Knit Fast Die Young in Gold Digger from Spincycle. I adore this colorway and could resist it no longer!


I got it to knit at the Game Knitting event at Knit Fit. Game Knitting is a bit like a drinking game for knitting where you have an action and you do that thing every time something happens in the movie you’re watching. I made this simple cowl, and I switched from knitting to purling and vice versus according to the events in the movie. I ended up with this chaotic, garter-stitch-like cowl.


After Knit Fit, I was busy trying to get some secrets projects done and still finish my Penelope before Thanksgiving. I managed to bind off and weave in my ends on my flight home to my parents’ house on the last day of the KAL. I just barely got it done in time. The buttons still need to be added, and the cardigan definitely needs to be blocked, but the knitting is done! I got the spend the last weekend of the month relaxing with my family, and I playing with new projects.





6 responses to “November Recap”

  1. Ramona

    You really should write book!

    1. Hahaha! Maybe someday. I think I’d explode if I tried to fit that into my schedule right now.

  2. Kim

    Your Penelope came out cute. I am on sleeve number one of mine, which is tan and cream. Lol. So much for my KAL finish. But it will get done! : )

    1. Finishing on time is only a small pinch of the fun of KALs. Attempting it is what counts!

  3. Cheryl Stern

    Hi Andi. ……busy Aye! Bet you had a grand time teaching in person. It is one of my most favorite things to do……I love the idea about turning your tiny sweater into a blog series. I did not get tat job, but it’seems their loss. I did make the vest minus the intarsia, and it fits perfectly. Another special purchase of great yarn is waiting for ends to be woven. Just a few more rounds on my second Vianne sleeve and that project will be ready to wear. Looking forward to your secret projects being published. Keep up the fabulous work…..loving your patterns. They fit!

    1. I’m glad your vest and Vianne are turning out well!

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