Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to wrap up the Month of Horrible Movies. The last monster movie for our list is Slither, a horror-comedy about slug-like creatures and small-town drama.

After fighting with his wife Starla, Grant becomes infected by a strange pod and slowly starts to transform into a monster. He infects a woman from town, and she gives birth to slug-like creatures, which then run amok infecting more people. Concerned by her husband’s strange behavior, Starla reaches out the to town’s police chief, Bill, who also happened to be her childhood sweetheart. Bill begins to investigate but the infected take over and convert most of the townspeople before he can do anything about it. The small group of survivors including Starla and Bill band together to fight back. Not the most original plot ever for a monster movie, but the movie’s lack of originality is intentional. Slither is a nod to 1980s horror movies but with 2000s special effects, so it’s both funny and disgusting. It plays with horror cliches, and the end result is a great, horrible movie.







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