Hazel Knits Trunk Show


What is it about not having enough time to knit that makes new yarn so hard to resist? This weekend I went to the Hazel Knits trunk show at The Fiber Gallery expecting to maybe pick up some Cadence in Zest if they had it. They didn’t, but I still managed to find a big pile of yarn to come home with me!


I got four skeins of Cadence in Seaglass that I’m planning on turning into a pullover. It seems like I haven’t knit a worsted weight sweater in ages, so I’m a little tempted to cast on with this yarn as soon as I finish some knits with deadlines. I also got a skein of Divine in Poppy. That’s going to become something cozy to wear around my neck, but for now, it’s getting tucked away in my stash.






3 responses to “Hazel Knits Trunk Show”

  1. Cheryl Stern

    Beautiful! I totally get it. I am currently holding myself to finishing and using stash yarn. Good luck to me!

  2. Beautiful colours, I’m drooling on this side of the screen! I too am trying to reduce my stash, but I already found a loophole: knitted Christmas presents! So I have to do some yarn shopping, right? 😀

  3. Sharon Robinson

    I know this feeling all to well. When I finished work I told my hubby I would not buy new yarn until I had knit my stash. Was getting through and about to buy new yarn when he discovered my secret stash. Oh no……

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