Guillermo del Toro’s new movie Crimson Peak comes out this week, and it felt right to make this week’s horrible monster movie one of his early films, Mimic!

Mimic starts out very creepy and atmospheric like you might expect from a del Toro movie. An epidemic is being spread by cockroaches, so an insect is created in a lab to kill off the cockroaches. The new bug was meant to be sterile, but years later, a series of strange invents leads the scientist who created them to suspect that they survived and have evolved into something big and scary. She and her husband try to investigate and end up in the insects’ nest, and you can pretty much imagine where things go from there. Weird casting and a predictable third act let this movie down and make what could have been an amazing movie into an enjoyably bad movie, but it’s still worth a watch.






3 responses to “Mimic”

  1. OMG that film gave me nightmares for a long time (I’m scared of cockroaches so this is the most terrifying idea ever)! I had no idea it was a del Toro film!

  2. Ew!! Will not be watching this one!

    1. Haha! It is on the gross side of things

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